Non transparent silicone impregnating agent for the waterproofing of balconies, terraces and stairs



VODISIL RIPARABALCONI is a concentrated solution of silicone resins in aliphatic solvents that allows the realization of waterproofing thanks to its high impregnation characteristic of the supports.


VODISIL RIPARABALCONI is advantageously used as a waterproofer to be applied directly on tiled floors, such as balconies, terraces and stairs. Its characteristic allows the formation of very small silicon crystals when the product is absorbed by the impregnable parts of the support. It follows that the surfaces to be treated must not be demolished but it will be necessary to restore any cracks on the supports, using a filler made by mixing equal parts of VODILASTIK and one of CEMENT (White or Gray) or a part of VODILASTIK and a part of GROUTING POWDER. The constituted transparent and breathable barrier made using VODISIL RIPARABALCONI allows the immediate use of the cover since the product reacts quickly without changing its appearance and without leaving a trace with very evident savings in time and money.


In order to be able to obtain a stable and lasting result, the following steps should be observed:

  • accurate cleaning of the tiled floor to be waterproofed, using muriatic acid diluted in water in equal parts;
  • preparation of type adhesive tape for body builders in correspondence with joints between floor portions;
  • sealing all the corners present and the joints of the floor portions previously prepared with adhesive paper, using our VODIREFILL PU polyurethane sealant in cartridge;
  • application of waterproof filler.

If there are evident cracks in the joints of the floors or the doorsteps of the doors or any porosity or discontinuity of the same joints, it will be necessary to apply our VODILASTIK putty as described in the APPLICATION FIELDS section. The application will be carried out with a metal spatula and it is advisable, after its application, to wash the excess parts with a wet sponge immediately after the grouting phase due to its remarkable adhesiveness;

– after the perfect drying of the parts described above, proceed with the application of the product VODISIL RIPARABALCONI, pouring it on the parts to be waterproofed and spreading the product with a brush, roller or water tightener. This operation can be performed several times, as long as the layer on which it re-intervenes is not yet dried (fresh-on-cool), taking care to pay more attention to the joints between tile and tile, the lower corners of the skirting boards, stone bars or similar for French windows

N.B. Once the VODISIL RIPARABALCONI product has completely dried, any traces of whitish efflorescence (silicone crystals) can be removed, using nitro thinner or usual solvents.


Chimical basis syliconic resin
Colour transparent
Yellowing non yellowing
Odore caratteristico
Specific gravity 0,90 Kg./lt   2%
Solid content 15%
Drying 60 min at 20°C
Flammability highly flammable
PH 7
U.V. resistance resistant
Application temperature from +5°C to +30°C
Consumption about Kg. 0,08/mq.
Packaging steel drums of lt. 1, lt. 5
Storage 12 months in original cans (fear frost)



The product contains solvent, handle with care and store away from open flames and heat sources. The applications of VODISIL RIPARABALCONI must always be done outdoors or in very ventilated areas. Apply the product on dry substrates, absolutely avoid applications in anticipation of rain or fog.

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