Polymerbit s.r.l., a leading company located in Ruvo di Puglia, was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from the construction world.

Specialized in the production of liquid waterproofing and protective systems, Polymerbit s.r.l. uses state-of-the-art technologies, with total respect for man and the environment.

Quality, innovation and commitment have distinguished us for years and make us proud of our work.

All this has even more value thanks to the important trust our customers guarantee us every day.

Investing in research allows us to protect the environment by offering the best product to satisfy all your needs.

For several years, Polymerbit has been located not only on the national market, but also on the international market thanks to the production and trade of specific products and always in step with the different market demands.

Polymerbit produces elastomeric-bituminous and synthetic waterproofing products in the liquid state, bi-component cementitious waterproofing products, accessory products such as solvent and water-based bituminous primers, colored protective coatings, even metallised and solvent-based and water-based aluminum.

Since the early 1990s, Polymerbit is the first Italian company of bituminous water-based primer.

Since 1997 Polymerbit has held the record as the only world producer of water-based resinous aluminum.

In the early 2000s, the applicator line was added to the product sales line for building materials dealers, with professional products requiring specialized labor.

Polymerbit offers a wide range of products and technologies to solve all problems related to waterproofing, reconstruction, protection, asbestos encapsulation, additives and coatings of concrete products, both civil and industrial works.

Nowadays Polymerbit has commercial relations with England, Tunisia, Malta, Albania, Lebanon, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, France, Poland and Israel.

The result of meticulous research and a careful evaluation of the liquid waterproofing market, we can consider VODIPREN 2PUR and VODIPREN ECOPUR, waterproofing liquid membranes, cutting-edge products with unique characteristics that have no equal.

Quality, innovation and commitment to your service!