Vodipren 2Pur

Waterproofing two-component bituminous-polyurethane liquid membrane which may be applied on wet areas too



VODIPREN 2PUR is a polyurethane resin-based liquid membrane with a low quantity of bitumen in solvent. The product (A+B), quickly vulcanizes, producing a very elastic and adhesive film with great physical and chemical properties and a good UV resistance. The presence of adhesion promoters allows the application on wet areas (W.G. version) and at low temperatures.

In compliance with ETAG-005-6W2


  • Waterproofing of terraces and balconies
  • Re-waterproofing of old bituminous membranes and metal roofing
  • Waterproofing of any kind of roof, concrete surfaces of different shape
  • Under slate waterproofing etc.



treat all the surfaces where VODIPREN 2PUR will be used, by applying about Kg. 0,300/sq.mt. of VODIRESIN PRIMER, avoiding product stagnation. Wait for the complete drying-up (about 20 minutes at 20°C).


VODIPREN 2PUR is made up of 2 products separately packed (PART A + PART B) that, mixed together during the application, make a semi-fluid easily workable compound. Stir the product in the bigger can (A) after adding the resin (B) by using a mechanical paddle mixer, by diluting the compound with up to 20% (in winter) of VODISINT. Wait for some minutes before applying the product by means of a brush, a roller or sprayed on completely dry and clean surfaces. The preparation of waterproofing will occur applying on the critical parts (corners, edges, cracks and joints) VODIPREN 2PUR with the immediate overlapping of VODITES
(gr. 60/sq.mt.) between the wall and the adjacent floor. Then the product will be applied on the whole horizontal surface.

The performances of VODIPREN 2PUR allow to be used also as a once coat product using up to Kg. 4 per sq.mt. (anyway we always recommend two coats, above all in presence of great solar radiation). If the use of VODITES of 100 gr/sq.mt. is needed on the whole surface, apply about Kg. 1,5/sq.mt. of product with the immediate overlapping and impregnation of the reinforcement fabric, making sure it is extended at least cm. 5 up the surface and then cover the reinforcement fabric, using the necessary quantity of VODIPREN 2PUR per sq.mt.

The application of a bigger quantity of VODIPREN 2PUR (further Kg. 1,5-2/sq.mt.) will be after at least 3 days after the application of the first coat.


Chemical basis – PART A: reactive thixotropic paste
– PART B: aliphatic polyurethane resin
Colours black, grey or red
Specific gravity 1,2 ± 2% gr./ml (EN ISO 2811-1)
Total solids 80% ± 1%
Drying time
(temperature 20°C, R.H. 50%)
about 1 hour
(temperature 25°C, R.H. 70%)
2 mm. in about 24 hours
Over-paintability after at least 3 days
Break elongation 4,5 N/mm² (DIN 53504)
Elasticity 450% (DIN 53504)
Shore A hardness 32/37
Application temperature da +5°C a + 35°C
Operating temperature da – 33°C a + 80°C
Minimum consumption suggested Kg. 2,5/mq. (on smooth surfaces)
Packaging (A+B): Kg. 25 cans
Storage: 6 months in the original cans



Once mixed up (A+B), VODIPREN 2PUR may be used for a limited time (about 30 minutes at a temperature of 20°C) but its cross-linking depends on relative humidity too. We suggest to prepare and use one can at a time. In case of great humidity or high temperature, it is possible to dilute the product (max. 15%) with our solvent VODISINT. Soon after the application, the use of a bubble-breaking roller on the still-wet surface is always recommended.


VODIPREN 2PUR is solvent-based; apply the product only in well-ventilated areas. Keep away from sources of ignition. Do not eat or smoke when applying the product. Store the product in the original cans in open-air and dry places. Once mixed up (A+B), the product must be immediately used. For the application of the product at low temperatures (lower than +5°C), it is possible to use our accelerator CATAPUR to get a quicker vulcanization, mixing it slowly and uniformly for some minutes. The consumption depends on the temperature, it is from 0,05% to 0,2% (from ml. 12 to ml. 50 per can, previously diluted with a low quantity of VODISINT TK3), considering the total weight of Kg. 25 (A+B). Anyway we suggest to make some tests to understand the right quantity to use. At a temperature of 20°-25°C and a relative humidity of 50-60%, the product’s performance will be of 80-90% in 3-5 days; its complete cross-linking will be in 8-10 days. The use of different quantities of solvent and sun exposure may cause a different drift of grey color and a light nuance of a more intense color (in GREY and RED colors).

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