Liquid polyurethane-bituminous elastic one component waterproofing membrane


VODIPREN MONOPUR is a liquid membrane based on polyurethane and bitumen distilled in solvent. The product, vulcanizing rapidly, produces a very tenacious elastic film, exceptionally adhesive and elastic with remarkable chemical and mechanical properties.

VODIPREN MONOPUR available also in fiber-reinforced versionĀ (VODIPREN MONOPUR F).

Ideale for:
– Waterproofing of terraces and balconies
– Waterproofing of old bituminous membranes, metal roofing or made with synthetic sheets
– Waterproofing of roofs, flat concrete structures with variable geometries, ground walls
– Hanging gardens
– Planters
– Undertile waterproofing, etc.
– Waterproofing of bridges and viaducts.

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